70 Powerful The Art of War Quotes by Sun Tzu

The Art Of War was written by the famous Chinese Military, general, and philosopher, Sun Tzu who lived in the 6th century BC. It is known as the world’s most renowned text for the Military. It was published 2400 years ago. This book is comprised of 13 chapters, based on the guidance for the Military that how to fight against the enemy and how to implement the strategies.

The Art of War Quotes Sun Tzu focused on every aspect related to the Military, including weapons, tactics, strategy, and discipline. People all around the world appreciate his work; admirers praised his work. This is because Sun Tzu was considered as one of the best tacticians and analyst. He won so many wars, and due to his so many victories, boost him to write ‘THE ART OF WAR.’

Art of war quotes

The book Art of War was translated into French and was published in 1772. The first translation in English was in the year 1910 by Lionel Giles.

The Art of War Quotes references The guy behind some of the most significant war quotes still lives today in other people’s hearts and minds. We get a feeling of who he was through reading books and looking through excerpts of some of his famous sayings. You can see main tactics that can help you emerge victorious when applied to military, economic, political, and even the sport and management environments. 

The Art of War Quotes has influenced many fields outside the military. Most of the text is about winning the war without a battle: it offers advice on how to outsmart the advertiser, and it doesn’t involve actual combat. Despite that, it has extended to other sporting practices that are not fighting successfully as a teaching guide.

Asian kings and scholars have been researching The Art of War Quotes for over 1,000 years, focusing on their combat tactics and territorial conquests. For one, the Japanese samurai studied it carefully. The art of war quotes entered the western world only at the end of the 18th century when the book was translated into French by a Jesuit missionary.


The chapters of the Book The Art of War are:

  • Chapter 1 Laying Plans
  • Chapter 2 Waging War
  • Chapter 3 Attack by Stratagem
  • Chapter 4 Tactical Dispositions
  • Chapter 5 Energy
  • Chapter 6 Weak Points and Strong
  • Chapter 7 Maneuvering
  • Chapter 8 Variation in Tactics
  • Chapter 9 The Army on the March
  • Chapter 10 Terrain
  • Chapter 11 The Nine Situations
  • Chapter 12 The Attack by Fire
  • Chapter 13 The Use of Spies

Book in 3 Sentences: 

The good fighter is the one who knows when to fight and when not to fight: Attack on the part which is weak not, which is stable. To defeat your enemy: appear yourself strong when you are not. To know your strength and weakness: if you want to know your enemy, then you have to know yourself. You do not need to fear the battles. 

The art of war quotes offers specific guidance about how to handle conflict. There are 9 guidelines which this book taught us.

Guideline 1: Choose your battles:

  • The one who understands when and where he has to fight will prevail.

The Art of War Quotes

Sun Tzu instructed in his The art of war quotes that his army when they should fight and when they shouldn’t fight. He wanted to clear that when there are 100 percent chances of advantage then we need to fight otherwise not. If we apply this line in our life then it means that we had to do that work that will give an advantage. We know that what we want to achieve but there is a choice in which field we should work and become successful.

Sun Tzu said that does not spread your army everywhere, which makes your military thin as this makes the strength of the army weak throughout. Implementing this is our life, if we divide our skills on every field then we will not be able to succeed even in one. But if we utilize all our skills in one area, then we will be successful in that field.

The teaching of Sun Tzu can be applied to personal life as well. The art of war quotes teaches us that if you have a bad habit and want to gain good habits, then you have to start with the one which is easy to apply. For example, if you’re going to diet, but you eat too oily food, junk food, fast food but you cannot avoid all these at the same time. First, you should avoid that food which is easy to avoid.

Guideline 2: Timings matters:

  • The best timing is like a swooped of the falcon that attacks time and kills its Victim.

The Art of War Quotes

Sun Tzu in his The art of war quotes states that timing is essential in warfare if you had a good strategy, but you should have good as well like, the strategy is appropriate for the situation or not. Right timing means that when you have an idea or strategy but do not hesitate to apply, then that time is known as an excellent time. Same in real life, timing is Essential.

If you want to invest money, then you should know about the rates of the plot first. When you spend the money, then that time will be an excellent time. When you made a decision, then you should immediately implement it.

Guideline 3: Know Yourself:

  • If you want to know your enemy, then first, you should know yourself.

The Art Of War Quotes

The art of war quotes told us that, if you know yourself but don’t know your enemy, then you will lose one battle and win one contest. But if you don’t remember both; yourself and your enemy, then you never be able to win a fight. Knowing yourself means understanding weaknesses and overcoming your weaknesses.  

If you do not know your weaknesses, you won’t be able to defeat them, and the enemy will attack your weak parts that will not be bare-able. The success is based on the depth research.

Guideline 4: Unique Plan:

  • All the battles are based on the deceptions.


This quote can be taken as encode and decode. Like we have to hide our data in such a unique pattern that even if the enemy gets our data, but they won’t be able to decode it. It means we should have an individual plan for the battle that the enemy won’t be able to anticipate it. In business, if you want to get a product from any company then your plan should be innovative or effective so that no other company will not be able to get that product. 

Guideline 5: Hide your Plans:

  • You should look comfortable in the case when you cannot do anything, and you should look mysterious when there everything is fine. In this way, you can write the end of your enemy according to your choice.

the art of war quotes


Sun Tzu believes that having a Unique plan is not enough; disguise the plan is essential as well. Taking an example of the military that if the General was thinking of attack on the left side, then the General should show that and confuses his enemy that he is going to attack the right.

If you are going to start your own company in which you are currently working, then you should show your colleagues that you are dependent on your job. Sun Tzu in his The art of war quotes, also teaches us that your company is in the struggling stage unless and until your company reaches a point where you can hire them for your company. 

Guideline 6: Find a way not to fight:

  • “The art of war is to defeat your enemies without fighting with them.”

The Art Of War Quotes

Sun Tzu told that if you want to defeat your enemy then find a way that you do not need to fight. Defeat them through diplomacy or find other means. The art of war quotes we concluded that the war is not suitable for the whole county, and there are disadvantages of war more than advantages. Defeat enemies not by direct attack or competition but by differentiation.

In our personal lives, we can apply it in such a way that does not wait for the opportunities but make your own opportunities. Do not compete other but create your different skills. Make yourself such skilful that the companies will seek you, then you need to find the companies. 

Guideline 7: Change Opportunities:

  • There’s hope in the face of uncertainty

The Art of War Quotes

Sun Tzu said that it is a very important part of the war that to decide the result of the warfare. In reality, the result of the warfare cannot be predictable; there anything could occur at any time. Therefore the General of the Military is always prepared for the worst scenarios, and this is not the mean that we didn’t win the fight. But we should have to take the risks.

In any industry, change is inevitable, and the best way to plan for change is to be the driving force behind the transition. Being aware of new legislation or rules, emerging technology, social trends, and shifts in the consumers’ budget can expose opportunities that need to be exploited for companies to succeed.

Guideline 8: The Performance Breeds:

  • When chances are taken, they grow

The Art of War Quotes

Sun Tzu says in his The art of war quotes that the momentum in battles is significant. It shows that everything happened in their time, but sometimes it may be unexpected as well. When you offer to represent the business at a meeting, it may contribute to the networking of excellent client connections or potential career prospects. Often it just takes the floodgates one chance to unlock.

Guideline 9: Prolonged Warfare:

  • “There is no cause of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.

Art of War Quotes

He says in his The art of war quotes that war is always not an option; we should do something rather than battle. Sun Tzu advises striking quickly and swiftly is best, making confrontation conclusive. We have a lot of money and resources which we can invest in for future use rather than waste them in a war. In personal life, do not wait too long for the opportunities, and don’t spend your time to face your problems.

The Art of War Quotes :

My comments are casual, and mostly provide The art of war quotes as well as my reflections. This review often includes essential lessons and excerpts from the book.

  • It’s easy to love your partner, but sometimes the hardest lesson to remember is to love your enemy.

Art of war Quotes

  • The art of war is to defeat your enemies without fighting with them.

Art of war quotes

  • The best sword will rust when putting in saltwater.

Art of war quotes

  • There are paths which must not be pursued, forces which must not be invaded, towns which must not be occupied, places which must not be contested, commands of the monarch which must not be obeyed.

Sun Tzu Quotes

  • Let your plans become dark and impenetrable as night, and collapse like a thunderbolt as you pass.

Sun Tzu Quotes

  • All the battles are based on the deceptions.

War of Art Quotes

  • Rouse him, and know the meaning of his action or his inactivity. Force him to show himself so that he can figure out his weak spots

Art of war Quotes

  • The opportunities through which you can defeat your enemies are only given by the enemies.

the art of war quotes Sun Tzu

  • If command terms are not plain and distinct, instead, that command terms are not plain and distinct. Instead, the General is to blame because directives are not entirely grasped. Yet if his instructions are explicit, and still the soldiers disobey, then it’s their officers’ fault.” the General is to blame because directives are not completely grasped. Yet if his instructions are explicit, and still the soldiers disobey, then it’s their officers’ fault.”
  • Excellence is to break your enemies’ strength without fighting.

the art of war quotes sun tzu

  • When it’s attacked, every animal with blood in its veins and horns on its head will fight.

the art of war quotes sun tzu

  • Treat your man as you treat you, child, then he will stand for you in your darkest time.

the art of war quotes sun tzu

  • Create a scenario in such a way that the enemy will move backwards.

the art of war quotes sun tzu

  • Move as entirely as the wind is, and then become wood. Attack in a way as fire, but become a strong as the mountain is.

the art of war quotes sun tzu

  • If you very far from your enemies, then you should show your enemies that you are very close to them.

the art of war quotes sun tzu

What does the art of war teach?

“In warfare, the art is not to win, but to avoid losing.” “The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of enemy not coming, but on our own ability and opportunity to avoid being defeated.

What does the art of war say?

The supreme art of war is to break the enemy’s resistance without fighting. Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. If your mind is willing, your body can go on for a lot longer.

Is the art of war a good read?

The Art of War, written by Sun Tzu, is the best military strategy book for the reason that it’s the easiest way in to learning. The Art of War is an old, Chinese classic with plenty of information about military strategy. It gets more difficult the more you read it.

Did Sun Tzu ever lose a battle?

Sun Tzu understood warfare better than most of his opponents. He knew that in order to win, he needed to get the least amount of casualties out of his men. Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. … This is exactly what I learned from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

Which of the following is a quote from Sun Tzu The Art of War?

“The supreme art of war is victory without fighting.”

74. “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

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